Colombia 2015 : Solar Decathlon Nov 9th – Dec 22nd


This is just a quick post about the project, when I sort out my website fully it will be featured with some more info!

Here is a link to my Youtube channel, this is the playlist where we kept an update video almost every day we were away, to keep everyone at home up to date on what we were doing.

We managed to get out to Colombia to build our housing prototype for low income families.  The projects main aims were to be fully adaptable, sustainable and affordable. More information can be found on our projects website here.

The unit we designed and built in Cali for the Solar Decathalon was a single unit within our ‘Cluster’ scale.


Renders above by Oleg!

We began by assembling all the relevant components in Bogota at a construction school in SENA,  and we then exhibited our prototype in Plaza Bolivar, which is the Trafalgar square equivalent in Colombia!

We then packed up the prototype onto trucks to send it off to Cali, the Solar Decthalon competition venue.

The assembly phase was started slightly late (about 3 days) so this meant our construction was not completed in line with the competitions criteria! They were relatively lenient with us and we proceeded with certain parts of the competition.

The construction was particularly tricky as certain parts of the design we were resolving on site and had either been drawn vaguely or not at all.  This made for a very quick learning experience and a lot of sketching.

The main issue we had was the roof and trying to get it water tight, sadly this wasn’t fully achieved, but we tried to make the best out of the situation.

The projet was then left standing in the university grounds, and is to be used by the university both as a construction project and also a research facility for new ideas on sustainable low income family living.

We then had some time off and managed to get to see some of Colombia.  We went to Salento for a few days, a mountain town.  We also spent a couple of days in Bogota too, which was brilliant !


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